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JR Hawse is an award-winning artist specializing in acrylic painting, hot glass beads, and fine art jewelry. Each piece of original art work is created with passion and attention to detail. 

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May 2021

White Heron

The Beautiful Wildlife of Florida


Last year we were scheduled to attend a conference in Orlando and then revisit the west coast of Florida where the numerous beaches are home to some of the most awesome birds and wildlife I have seen. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, our trip had to be postponed (hopefully not cancelled), but it made me want to review some of the paintings created from earlier trips.

One year when we visited Sarasota and the outer islands of the region, we came upon a rambunctious great white heron playing amongst a carefully planted beach garden. He was obviously amused with the unnatural order of things, and decided to check it out. His feathers caught the sunlight as he paraded around and reflected the colors of the bushes and trees around him. When he discovered that there was nothing worth hanging around for (no food for him), he casually stepped across the plant border and took off. 

I hope we get a change to visit that beach again. Perhaps the heron will return to check on the garden's progress.

Great White Heron

Here is a quick painting that I did many years ago to capture the feeling of the heron wading in the warm waters off Lido Island. The breeze rippled the water that morning but didn't phase the heron who was looking for breakfast. 

Sarasota Heron