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JR Hawse is an award-winning artist specializing in acrylic painting, hot glass beads, and fine art jewelry. Each piece of original art work is created with passion and attention to detail. 

Fine Art Originals - Paintings, Beads and Jewelry


May 2022

Pendants on Ruler.jpg
Rainy April and Now May

April showers bring May least that's what I've been told. As the rain showers continue into May and the dripping trees add to the moist ambience, we are anticipating an abundance of sunshine and blossoms.

There will be a lull before our next show; hopefully giving us time to create more beautiful paintings and jewelry to off our visitors at the Mill Creek Festival in July.

Meanwhile, we will be getting out and enjoying the scenery despite the weather...the dogs are anxious for some long trail walks. I am looking forward to using my new GoPro to capture digitally whatever I run into, perhaps some breathtaking views on the coast.

The Crossing.jpg