There is an excitement in creating when you are an artist. Perhaps it comes from having so many choices or ideas on what or how to create and never knowing exactly where it will lead. Each day presents a different adventure, a series of discoveries that make the journey stimulating and worthwhile. 

It is also a way of life that provides a passport into different worlds, some real and some imaginary. When I am painting, I often pass through the portal that leads away from the obvious and step into a place where elements are fluid and malleable. Then I try to understand what I am seeing and feeling and represent that in a two or three-dimensional format.

Flame working is very different from painting. Imagination is needed when planning a project, but reality demands attention when I am working with the 2400 degree torch flame or the hot glass that is melting and moving as I work. Attempting to control the elements in this demanding environment takes concentration and skill. There are no shortcuts…no hurrying up the process. Going faster can spell disaster!

Despite the disparity of paint and hot glass, I find that together both mediums keep me on my toes…make me want to get up in the morning to see where life will lead me today.

---JR Hawse

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