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  • JR Hawse

Welcome To My Studio

To visit and artist's studio and see where their creative thoughts become something tangible provides a valuable insight into their psyche. I don't think that it is a "tell all" about the

artist but rather an indicator as to how they navigate through their creative process, how their resources and space provide a foundation for whatever art is produced in that environment. My studio abounds with chaos hemmed in by its physical size limits. There is some organization, but it is defeated by the mere reality of the artwork in progress.

So Much To Do! So Much To Explore!

I am an artist that has become involved with a variety of outlets. I love to paint, but I am also someone who needs a variety of creative methods in order to feel satisfied. I am crazy about hot glass and lampworking, love metal fabrication, wire wrapping and jewelry, enjoy macramé, and actively pursue innovation in the design process.

Does this hunger to create make me a "good" or "successful" artist? That is a question that I am actively trying to answer. Better question: Can a multi-directional passion for creating result in anything but frustration...projects left unfinished, ideas that never truly reach fruition? Am I a lover of many and a master of none? Do I really want to be a master of anything? Or am I simply an explorer and scientist in love with the experimental process?

This is my journey and I invite you to be part of it. You will get an insight into my creative process and how it plays out across a variety of creative platforms.

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