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Copper Cuff With Customizable Insert (Swirl Embossed)

Copper Cuff With Customizable Insert (Swirl Embossed)


This is a one inch 20 gauge hand-made embossed and hammered anticlastic copper cuff with a customizable text insert (maximum of 21 characters including spaces). The text could be a name or a short phrase. The bracelet is finished with an antique patina.


  • About the Copper Cuff

    The copper bracelet is flexible enough to allow the wearer to form it to their wrist shape and size. It is finished with a patina and then with a micro-crystalline wax to help preserve its color. The copper will darken with time but can be easily cleaned. Please note that it is normal for copper to affect the skin often causing a "green" effect. However, a wax polish can help to diminish this effect.

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