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JR Hawse is an award-winning artist specializing in acrylic painting, hot glass beads, and fine art jewelry. Each piece of original art work is created with passion and attention to detail. 

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July 2021

Thinking Cooler Thoughts


During these very warm times, I can't help thinking about cooler times when we visited Alaska and were drenched in cool breezes and the salt water spray as we motored our way through the fjords. How wonderful it felt as the wilderness opened up to us to display that sometimes secretive world of mother nature. It carries on without us when we are not looking.

As I adjust my fan to help cool the area of the room I call my office (it is now 107 degrees F. outside), I wonder whether I will ever have the chance again to be part of this wild place near New Eddystone Rock, Alaska.

If I am granted another visit, I know that it will not be exactly the same. The glaciers are receding while the wild creatures that took my breath away have probably moved on. No...nothing stays the same, but I am sure I will still thrill to the sight of the busy wildlife that makes this their home.

What's Up


With temperatures so warm, I have decided to take a break from torch work and will concentrate on wire wrapping and painting. I have a new shipment coming of dendritic opal and other fine cabochons. That should keep me busy for a while, but I can't wait to get back to melting glass and some hot metal fabrication.