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JR Hawse is an award-winning artist specializing in acrylic painting, hot glass beads, and fine art jewelry. Each piece of original art work is created with passion and attention to detail. 

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August 2022

Pendants on Ruler.jpg
Canadian Breezes
Enjoying Sooke and Victoria

Travel is one of the best ways an artist can gain inspiration, and that is true for me whenever I travel to Vancouver Island. It is truly a place of calm and beauty. Everywhere I went there were scenes that made me want to set up my easel and paint. 

When I was a child, the same was true. I lived several years in Sooke, a small community southwest of Victoria. I would play with my friends at the bottom of Wiffen Spit Road and bring home shells and rocks that lined the edges of Sooke Bay. My early drawings were inspired by these things. It was a time of discovery which was recorded in my art work.

On a more contemporary note, my experiences as a child still influence my paintings. Here is a painting titled "Afternoon Show" which depicts a fantasy scene from my childhood: my sister, our friend, and me sitting on a hill watching the orcas playing in the afternoon. What a perfect day!